Giving up? You won’t after reading about Jon Morrow!

I recently came across a blog by Jon Morrow and as I do with everything I read, I research the person behind the material. And what a story I found.

First off, let me tell you I was reading a post by Jon about how to make money off of blogs. I have never been a big fan of selling advice and so when I read his blog post the usual thing crossed my mind: he was another one of those sly people who have a brilliant way with words and sells what most people know already but have not formed into words themselves.
But something in his post resonated with me. Sure he was great with words and definitely selling something to me but his advice did not seem phony. And that’s why I Googled him.
Jon Morrow is not your normal guy. He started programming video games at the age of 13, graduated high school at the age of 16 and started his first video gaming company at the same time. At 18, he started a venture-backed company designing language learning software for the US military. But what catapulted him to his first big success was real state. He was able to sell luxury houses without ever going inside them.
Why didn’t he go inside those houses? Because he had Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), a disease that he was diagnosed when he was 12 months old. SMA stops the ability of your muscles to move, eventually losing the ability to breathe on your own. His doctor told his mother that he would most likely die of pneumonia at the age of 2.
Over the course of the 16 years, he got pneumonia 16 times. I have had pneumonia once and I almost died from it. How he survived it 16 times I do not know; all I can say is there is nothing more powerful than a mother’s love. Here is one of the things he said about his disability:
“My disability is a gift, in a way, because it has a tendency to make things crystal clear. When you’re laying in a bed and you’re dying of pneumonia, which is what almost everyone with my disease dies from, things become crystal clear. You have two choices: you can fight, or you can die. And a lot of people choose to die. They just get tired, and they give up. Or they don’t have enough support, and they get depressed, or whatever the situation is. And what no one realizes is that, even if you’re not laying in a hospital bed dying of pneumonia, those are still the only two choices you have. You can either fight and do big things, or you can lay there and wait to die. And most people are, without even realizing it, sitting there, just…”
(The interview is here on The Badass Project if you want to read more – keep in mind it is a 40 minute interview though).
Jon is now living in Mexico in his paradise apartment overlooking the beach and doing what he loves. What he loves is helping others achieve what he has achieved through blogging. I don’t think anything I write would be better than his own brief account of his and his family’s battle against SMA. I wrote this to bring to light the struggles of another person who have been dealt a far worse hand than most of us but who is probably doing more with his life than most of us. If he didn’t give up, what excuse do we have for giving up?
Here is the brief heart-warming account of his fight: I promise you won’t regret reading it.
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