Nothing screams success like Noe Liu’s parents

This kid makes me so happy. He participated in season 3 of the Chinese reality TV show ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’. I loved this season’s kids – they are the most wonderful combination of light in my dull days but none of them have stolen my heart like Noe Liu. He is not perfect – he cries, he gets upset, he gets angry like every other kid and sometimes more so but he is the most expressive kid I have ever seen.

He has so much love in him that you see exploding through his 5 year old body; he hugs and kisses everyone with so much enthusiasm and happiness.

He gets scared easily but is not afraid to tell you when he is so. You will often see him reference the Monkey King because that is his hero. When he sees someone crying, he will go and comfort them. He cries when he sees someone is hurt because he worries they might die. When he gets excited he will break into a dance within a second. Music is his passion and more often than not you see him singing all kinds of songs with his dad. He remembers more lyrics than I do. He will offer up what he likes to his friend so that they are not sad. Throughout the season you will see him say so many random things because his mind flies away easily.

You will also see him being very protective of his sister, Nina, when his parents are not around and takes care of her like the best big brother someone can ask for.

Noe Liu makes you want to find out about his parents because of how beautiful his personality is.


And watching his parents, you can see why he is such a delightful child. His father, Liu Ye, emanates positive energy. He isn’t very serious most of the time and likes to keep the mood light.

Yet, you can see his strong sense of responsibility and awareness when he teaches his son. Through his interaction with Noe, you will see most of the time he talks to Noe like he talks to an adult and yet still being playful, only being serious when he sees discipline is required.

His mother, Anais Martane, is beautiful with a smile that lights up your day. She prefers to expose her children to old school stories like the Monkey King rather than the currently popular cultures of Marvel superheroes and cartoons.

She will reason with them when they throw a tantrum. Anais makes sure that her children (Noe and Nina Liu) are in touch with nature by taking them to various outdoor activities. She is also adamant that her children do not grow up valuing something based on the name; when Noe called a car ‘BMW’ instead of a ‘car’, she asked Noe who taught him that and asked the person who did so to leave. Her children also go out to disadvantaged communities with her to give out food and daily materials.

Most importantly, you see love being expressed so well within this family. And that is probably why this little Noe is exploding with love for everyone. Children are like blank pieces of paper – what you draw on it is what you will see. And that’s what makes this family so successful. This family doesn’t make you envy them, they make you wish they can continue being enveloped in this bliss. To me, Liu Ye’s biggest success isn’t seen through his acting career but through his family. This family is my role model.

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