#FeesMustFall – It is not a black and white fight

I’m sure everyone’s social media is littered with posts about the the recent #FeesMustFall protest. It is one of the largest protests that has affected us on a national scale to date in South Africa. And with any movement in South Africa, the racial argument comes hand in hand. That’s just the way it is […]

Nothing screams success like Noe Liu’s parents

This kid makes me so happy. He participated in season 3 of the Chinese reality TV show ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’. I loved this season’s kids – they are the most wonderful combination of light in my dull days but none of them have stolen my heart like Noe Liu. He is not perfect […]

Things I wish I knew before pursuing graduate studies

While most of the posts I have read are written by CEOs, entrepreneurs and pretty much anyone with a fancy title who have ‘made it’ in the world, I thought measly, young ignorant me would write one too. It’s nothing life-changing, in case you were thinking, so don’t get your hopes up. Before I started my […]

“You aint gonna find them in your wardrobe, girl”

We are about to embark on a trip to Europe. I am already planning my outfits so that I can come home with awesome pictures and not pictures that compose many variants of the just-got-out-of-bed look or the does-she-have-a-home look. This raises some red flags for my boyfriend, who sadly isn’t going on the trip with […]

Don’t get too excited…but I met Daniel Radcliffe and Ellen Degeneres…

…..In my dreams. No, really! I was an extra on Daniel Radcliffe’s movie. I didn’t know I was going to meet him. Out of the blue, he was just standing there, talking to someone. Somehow the extras (only 3 of us apparently) also needed to be consulted. After a conversation with the director of which I […]